Caramba Cover Grand Rose

imp. Latvia


Д.р.  / Born: 03.04.2014
Пол  / Sex:  сука - female
Заводчик  /  Breeder: Mihailova N.
Владелец  /  Owner:  Рудякова З., "Евгеника"
Титулы  /  Titles:



Mythical Right Black At You

 Finch`s You`re So Special In BLK

 Finch`s Golden Opportunity

 Finch`s You`re So Vain

 Mythical Laugh`n Out Loud

Mythical Reach`N For The Stars

 Trudy`s May ICU


RedRose Sofi Vermust

Almi-Urnis Vermont

 Jan-Shar`s Harry Potter

 Jan-Shar`s Sweet Tart

 Aikuaiven Desta Takki Musta

 Highfield On The Road Again O`Lenette

    Shafran Sheeny Baby Pooh Lux